Thermochemical model of the lithosphere in Ireland


Thermochemical model of the lithosphere in Ireland


The aims of G.O.THERM.3D are to develop a robust and unique model of temperature within Ireland’s crust and to produce a 3D temperature atlas of the country. To those aims, existing geothermal data in Ireland will be compiled and jointly interpreted together with other geophysical, geological and petrological data using, and further developing, integrated geomodelling tools developed by our group in DIAS.

G.O.THERM.3D aims to make further thermal conductivity measurements, as some Irish rocks remain poorly sampled and thermal conductivity is a key parameter in the calculation of temperature at depth. The temperature model, and its associated data, will be made publicly available on an interactive online platform. A robust and detailed 3D temperature model will provide an insight into the thermal regime within Ireland’s subsurface, and will serve as a robust constraint on future quantitative modelling of both shallow and deep geothermal prospects across the country.

A project objective is that an interactive, publicly available 3D temperature model will increase public awareness of geothermal energy, will focus and encourage geothermal resource exploration and will assist in the development of public policy on geothermal energy exploration, mapping, planning and exploitation.

Dr. Ben Mather
PhD in Geophysics



A 3D temperature model of Ireland has provided a unique insight into the thermochemical structure within Ireland’s subsurface.

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