Intraplate volcanism triggered by bursts in slab flux

Long-lived, widespread intraplate volcanism without age progression is one of the most controversial features of plate tectonics. Previously proposed edge-driven convection, asthenospheric shear, and lithospheric detachment fail to explain the …

An Early Cretaceous subduction-modified mantle underneath the ultraslow spreading Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean

Earth’s upper mantle, as sampled by mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORBs) at oceanic spreading centers, has developed chemical and isotopic heterogeneity over billions of years through focused melt extraction and re-enrichment by recycled crustal …

Intraplate volcanism triggered by bursts in slab flux (invited speaker)

Stagnant slabs at the transition zone linked to widespread volcanism in Eastern Australia and Zealandia

Partial melting of ancient subducted slabs provide a framework through which to explain non-age progressive volcanism in a region of anomalous mantle composition.

The origin of intraplate mafic volcanism along the eastern margin of Australia

The eastern margin of Australia has experienced extensive mafic volcanism since its breakaway from Antarctica (~ 80 Ma). A plume origin has been suggested for intraplate volcanism, however, the timing and location of eruption points does not clearly …