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Bayesian inversion of 3D groundwater flow within the Sydney-Gunnedah-Bowen Basin (keynote)

In the driest inhabited continent on Earth, aquifers of the Sydney-Gunnedah-Bowen Basin are essential for Australian agriculture …


Intraplate volcanism triggered by subducted volatiles during bursts in slab flux

Intraplate volcanism triggered by subducted volatiles during bursts in slab flux


The Role of Stagnant Slabs at the Transition Zone on Widespread Volcanism in Eastern Australia and Zealandia

Intraplate volcanism triggered by the release of subducted volatiles during bursts in slab flux

Stagnant slabs at the transition zone linked to widespread volcanism in Eastern Australia and Zealandia

Partial melting of ancient subducted slabs provide a framework through which to explain non-age progressive volcanism in a region of anomalous mantle composition.

All models are wrong: Testing your assumptions (keynote)

Approaching earth science problems in a “data-driven” philosophy can help glean new insights into our problem and quantify uncertainty.

The origin of intraplate mafic volcanism along the eastern margin of Australia

The eastern margin of Australia has experienced extensive mafic volcanism since its breakaway from Antarctica (~ 80 Ma). A plume origin …

Introduction to Quagmire

Quagmire is an open source, parallel python module for modelling surface processes and landscape evolution. It comes from the …


NCRIS/Govt. Workshop #3: Update of AuScope research

G.O.THERM Project: an integrated approach to probe the deep thermal structure of Ireland

With the backdrop of climate change and Ireland’s reliance on fossil fuels, the need to exploit Ireland’s potential for …

Uncertainty reduction of geothermal heat flux from assimilating seismic tomography and depth to Curie temperature

Surface heat flux is highly sensitive to small temperature fluctuations at varying timescales. The magnitude of these variations depend …

Probing the geothermal potential of Ireland

Geothermal power is traditionally viable only in volcanically active regions, however direct application of this energy source for …

Adjoint inversion of geothermal potential in Ireland assimilating surface heat flow, seismic velocity, and Curie depth

Temperature models for assessing geothermal potential are usually concerned with the upper 5 km of the crust. The configuration of …

Estimating the depth to the Curie isotherm: a synthesis of the methodology and its application to Ireland.

Magnetic data is one of the most common geophysics datasets available on the surface of the Earth. At long wavelengths it pertains …