Day 19 - Solomon Islands

We have been sailing through Solomon Islands territory for the last couple of days.

Fun fact: As of 1 January 2017, the population of Solomon Islands was estimated to be 602,041 people

Wave heights are getting a bit larger - 10m swells were observed off the mid-north coast of NSW. While it should dissipate we are bracing for some rough weather in the coming days 😬

2 dredges

The first dredge returned just half a bucket of sediment; the second we got a big haul:

  1. Conglomerate
  2. Mudstone
  3. Dolorite
Deck photo with ALL the rocks!
Deck photo with ALL the rocks!

Filming Dredgebusteres

Filming has been progressing well for Dredgebusters. Here are some snaps from our latest shoot:

Stay tuned - the final cut should be ready next Sunday!